Happy Fourth of July 2018

This year, we spent the day playing in the sand, collecting shells and rocks, overfilling buckets, digging holes, burying each other in the sand, jumping in the waves, making sand angels and snacking all day!

Here’s a Picture Walk of our day!

Last year for the Fourth if July, we watched the sunset and fireworks on a beach at Cape May, NJ with all the little cousins. It was a great trip! You can find last year’s Itinerary here. We will be revisiting Cape May soon in later in this summer, so stay tuned for an updated Cape May, NJ Itinerary!

I will also be doing a post on ” Things to Bring to the Beach” including Trekology Lightweight Folding Table, Beachcomber Wagon and Otenik Sunshade, so don’t forget to like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram for the newest up to date blog posts.

How did you celebrate this Fourth of July? Do you have any family tradition? Are there any Beach Essentials you’d like to share? Comment below!


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