Hot Chocolate Oatmeal

Hot Chocolate Oatmeal, anyone? Today was actually the first time I made this and it’s a winning recipe for sure! The kids gobbled this up so happily and quite quickly too! It was quite delicious and I can see this going through at least once a week for when two of the kids start school….

Happy Fourth of July 2018

This year, we spent the day playing in the sand, collecting shells and rocks, overfilling buckets, digging holes, burying each other in the sand, jumping in the waves, making sand angels and snacking all day! Here’s a Picture Walk of our day! Last year for the Fourth if July, we watched the sunset and fireworks…

Mother In Law’s Vegan Kimchee

This kimchee is sooo good. The ingredients are straight to the point and you most likely have all the ingredients on the list if you wanted to try and make this on your own. The girls finished this all in two meals and proceeded to ask for more. Mildly salty, very garlic and perfectly onionly….

Homemade Cod Fish Congee

This seemingly plain bowl of fish congee is more sophisticated than it sounds: the fresh ginger, freshly marinated silky and tender white fish, topped with chopped raw scallions and fried salted peanuts is comforting and harmonious. Fish Congee has a very special place in my heart. It was my absolutely favorite congee as a kid….

Wikki Stix-Our Favorite Boredom Buster

We love our Wikki Stix! Hello Kitty Cake with Candle, Storytelling and Loading up on the great sale the have going on for the USA State inspired Travel Packs- it’s nearly half off their website, pack of 100 mini packs. You can find us handing these out for birthday parties favors, in the class holiday…

Cold Brew on Tap!

Wandering Bear Cold Brew on Tap— we usually load up on this because it is tasty, convenient and easy to store/dispense. Sometimes, you just want to roll out of bed and literally open the fridge (takes up minimal space) and pour yourself a perfect cup of cold brew over ice. No scale needed to measure…