Wave Hill Birthday Day Trip With Photos

Wave Hill, New York. Now one of my favorite places in all of New York. This place is enchanting. It is magical everywhere you look.

The little sprouts of flowers peeking here and there were abundant and playful. The different palettes of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and blends were never ending.

We didn’t even have the opportunity to explore the whole place– we only made it through maybe half because of how humid and hot it was the day we went.

You go here and you kind of just forget where you are and you are forced to be in the moment to find all the little hidden treasures of the garden. It feels a bit surreal, as if time had stopped and you have been placed in the presence of Spring. So many flowers planted and on the verge of blooming, dying to burst and show off its exquisite colors and formation to the world.

There are so many tiny little worlds amidst the garden, all with its own highlights and personality. It is oh so beautiful!

Frankly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I saw garden fairies flying around, maintaining the gorgeous grounds. It is apparent that the clean and picturesque garden is loved and well-taken care of.

On Saturdays, they offer free admission from 9:00am-12:00pm. There are children activities from 10:00am-1:00pm on Saturdays. They did paintings inspired by the clouds that day, though they were more inspired to paint flowers after seeing so many! I even just purchased my own adult watercolor paint set just to paint what I saw. Stay tuned for my attempts with watercolors!

I try to always call before visiting, especially during holiday weekends. You can find their visiting info on their website. Weather permitting, a family could easily spend the whole day here exploring, admiring and relaxing. Plenty of spaces for a picnic lunch on the grass or benches (no picnic blankets as per their website). You can pick up food in their cafeteria offering mostly sandwiches and ice cream or pack your own.

We will certainly be back again! We highly recommend it to everyone! Native New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Do you have any places in New York that is so beautiful that it feels magical to you? Is there any favorite place in the world you have traveled to or visited that makes you feel like you just stopped in a moment time?


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